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Salut, salut!

I’m not French, but I’m currently learning the language on Duolingo. Tu vas bien? Je veux une pizza!

Je m’appelle Payton. I’ll stop insulting French people now. I’m working on an Honours creative writing thesis inspired by the French Revolution, so I’m immersing myself as much as possible. 

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Flinders University in 2021. I double majored in Creative Writing and Sociology, minored in Women’s Studies, and wasn’t allowed to shake the Chancellor’s hand as I walked across the stage. Of all the impacts COVID-19 has wreaked on our lives, that must be amongst the worst. Taking photos with people in 2022 is just like visiting Madame Tussaud’s and posing with wax figures. 

And did you know that Madame Tussaud originated her business in the French Revolution? You can look up those controversial wax figures on Google Images, if you'd like.

Because having a stable career is so important to me, I’m also an actor represented by RMT Management in South Australia. My credits can be found on the ‘Portfolio’ page here, but most recently I worked as a returning host for Channel 44’s second season of their talk show ‘Couch 44’, which will release this May. Maybe if I’m brought back to do a third season, I can interview everyone in French. Je parle Français! 

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